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    Fusion-io, Inc. was a computer hardware and software systems company based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, that designed and manufactured products using flash memory technology. The Fusion ioMemory was marketed for applications such as databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data. Their ioDrive product was considered around 2011 to be one of the fastest storage devices on the market.

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    Fusion replaced ABC News Now on most cable systems; that network ceased operations on October 28, 2013, the day of Fusion's debut. The channel is primarily carried on the digital basic tiers of participating providers, [2] [3] and premiered to a reach of approximately 20 million homes, one-fifth of the total U.S. s with subscription television services. [5]

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    Data fusion is the process of integrating multiple data sources to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful information than that provided by any individual data source. Fusion of the data from two sources (dimensions #1 & #2) can yield a classifier superior to any classifiers based on dimension #1 or dimension #2 alone.

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    System Fusion is Yaesu's implementation of Digital Amateur Radio, utilizing C4FM 4-level FSK Technology to transmit digital voice and data over the Amateur radio bands. In the early 2000's GMSK emerged in the Amateur radio market as the dominant digital mode, however in 2013 Yaesu introduced "System Fusion".


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    Digimon Fusion, known in Japan as Digimon Xros Wars (デジモンクロスウォーズ, Dejimon Kurosu Wōzu, pronounced "Cross Wars"), is the sixth anime television series of the Digimon franchise, produced by Toei Animation. It follows the adventures of Mikey Kudo, who utilizes the …