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    Flexographic Press. CUSTOM PRINTED LABELS. Rocky Mountain Label and Packaging offers top quality Flexographic printed labels! Flexographic label printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds by transferring ink onto the paper or film material using flexible plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders.

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    Feb 23, 2018· Although both methods use wet ink and printing plates, these two printing processes are quite different. Technically, offset printing can refer to any printing technique that uses a printing plate to transfer an image to an intermediate carrier and then onto the printed substrate. Whereas flexo transfers ink from the plate directly to the .

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    Flexo can be used to print on nearly any substrate whether its paper products, metallic or holographic films and foils, or plastic of all types. Companies often use Flexo to print large areas with solid colors. Another reason flexo is so widely used is that it adapts well to both irregular repeat lengths and to a comprehensive array of inks.

  • What Is Flexography Printing and What Is It Used For?

    Flexographic printing uses flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around rotating cylinders on a web press. The inked plates have a slightly raised image and rotate at high speeds to transfer the image to the substrate. Flexography inks can print on many types of …

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    Flexographic Printer. Choice Label Inc. has the capability to print labels via flexography. Flexographic printing is the go to label printing process for product labels. Flexographic or flexo printing is the most cost effective and favored printing process for high volume jobs.

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    Learn about the flexographic printing and packaging services offered by Mimir Flexo. . Printing on Board and Paper Labels. . Film labels can stand up to the constant exposure to water and moisture with no running ink or unreadable labels. Condensation, sweating and spilled contents won't affect the label, so you'll have a professional .